Integrative Personal Training    
Yin + Yang  60 min

A workout customized to what you need for a healthy, balanced, and fit body, along with yoga to calm the nervous system and help to train the mind to be more still which can also relieve stress. Reiki, essential oils, and restorative modalities may be used. 

Services & Pricing

Energy Balancing 
​Yoga/Integrative Massage Session 

​90 - 120 min 

Learn how to get in touch with your body and transform at a deeper level. You will be guided through an intuitive, energy releasing, realigning, and opening therapeutic yoga practice.

​Then we begin the blended bodywork with a Thai massage base, also utilizing techniques from Tuina, Swedish, and Shiatsu massage. 

​By integrating therapeutic grade essential oils, Reiki, breath work, and guided meditation throughout the session, deeper levels of healing and balance can be reached-- harmonizing the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies.


​Integrative Thai Massage Session  
90 - 120 min

Using the same modalities as in a basic Integrative Massage Session, an Integrative Thai Massage Session is performed on ​a mat rather than a table. It utilizes a Thai massage base, incorporating yoga stretches. Imagine receiving the health benefits of a yoga pose without using any muscles to get there, while receiving energetically and physically healing massage. 

No yoga experience required! 

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can be moved in.


​Integrative Massage Session
​60 - 90 min

A blend of Swedish, Tuina, Shiatsu, and Thai massage, Reiki, and essential oils, to help you realign, relax, open, center, clear, ground, and move stuck energy. Chinese medicine says pain occurs when there is no movement of Qi (life force energy), and this blend of bodywork’s goal is to help promote free flow of energy and circulation in the physical and energetic bodies, which can also affect the spiritual and emotional bodies. It is all connected and affected.

​​Healthy Lifestyle Changes Consultation 
Finding Balance with the Whole  30-60 min

We will discuss your health history and what you are looking to sustain, change, and evolve in your mind, body, and spirit. 

Nutrition discussion (easy-to-make small changes,  whole real foods, supermarket label reading), where to focus your energy and attention, meditation techniques, how to energetically clean yourself, your life, your living space, and more.